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Image result for cetelemThe financial institution Cetelem is one of the oldest in the field of personal finance. It was founded in France in 1953 and arrived in Spain in 1988. Since then, society has only grown, spreading all over the world and reaching most of Europe and other countries such as Russia, China, India or Brazil. In 2000, the firm was acquired by the French banking group BNP Paribas, one of the largest entities in the world.


 Cetelem is dedicated to the commercialization of consumer loans, personal loans, credit cards and other forms of financing . Mainly oriented towards the personal sector, with family credits and products for private users. His experience and professionalism have led him to be a reference and have more than 2 and a half million customers and more than 20,000 employees.

The Cetelem Loan is part of the fast loans as it is a personal loan with easy concession, with few requirements and simple processing, which can be done entirely online from anywhere, either through a mobile phone or a device connected to the Internet. .

With it you can get from 6,000 euros to 60,000, with a nominal interest from 6.95% , with an Annual Rate Equivalent (APR) of 7.12%. For your return you can choose between a period of 12 and 96 months. You can use the money for whatever you want: buying a car, a motorcycle, buying furniture, carrying out renovations, paying for healthcare expenses, making trips, celebrations, etc.

4 steps to apply for your Cetelem Loan

4 steps to apply for your Cetelem Loan



Although the entity offers a wide variety of personal financing products, in this file we focus on your quick loan. To obtain it, few requirements must be met, among which are having a usual source of income and not appear in any list of debtors, such as Asnef or RAI. For your request you must go to the website and fill out your 4 step form:

  1. Set up your loan The first step is to indicate the amount of money you need and the months you want to use to return it. As you change the data, next you will see the amount of the resulting monthly fee. You can also indicate the destination you are going to give, which can be anyone, from buying a vehicle to reunify debts or pay back credits. To access the configuration screen, you may first have to enter your name, surname and ID.
  2. Enter your data It will be where you will have to include all your personal and professional data, indicating your current work situation and the income you receive. It includes the possibility of introducing a second owner that can serve as collateral and strengthen the viability of the loan.
  3. Sign the contract Once your personal and professional data is indicated, it is time to sign the financing contract. The fastest and easiest way will be to sign digitally using your mobile phone. For this, a code will be sent to your terminal so that you can enter it in the online form and validate your request accordingly.
  4. Send the documentation . The last step is to send the necessary documents so that Cetelem can check if the data you have provided is correct and you are able to face the return of the money. For this you have several possibilities:
    • Upload the scanned documents through the website itself
    • Send the scanned documents by email.
    • Send copies of documents for free through a messenger that Cetelem will send to your home.