Online shopping sites: How to get the most for your money?

Everyone loves good discounts, but finding the right discount is often difficult. Online shopping sites could be as much the solution to your problem as the source of unnecessary expenses. As love for online shopping sites is growing, we have compiled a list of our favorite sites. Below we will share with you our tips to get the most out of these sites, while avoiding wasting money.

One of the largest online shopping sites in North America. The requests on this site are very large, but the site manages to satisfy them very well. One of the biggest criticisms however is the lack of diversity in the offers. At the same time, everything depends on what you are looking for. So, it is difficult to say that the diversity of offers is really a problem of the site. This site is perfect for people living in major Canadian cities who are looking for a great discount for new restaurants or spas. Being one of the biggest shopping sites in France, you are advised to consult it frequently.

If you live in Ontario, WagJag is better suited to your needs than Groupon. However, there are no offers for the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The advantage of this site is their way of dividing cities into small outlets in case you want to get a deal close to home. If Groupon does not suit your needs, WagJag is definitely worth the detour.

If you live in one of the five cities for which LivingSocial offers offers, then you will definitely find something that suits you. The variety however leaves something to be desired and it is often the same offers that reappear again and again. By cons, they have an iPhone application, which is a bonus anyway.

DealFind offers customers easy and clear navigation through the site in order to find the offer that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, like WagJag, if you do not live in or near Toronto, the site is not very useful. However, if you live in Toronto, then this is the site where you want to be a subscriber, to find the best deals near you.

If you like variety, but do not like to read the countless emails sent by online sales sites, OneSpout is exactly what you need. The site stores offers from 300 other websites and sends you personalized emails with the detailed offers that are right for you. It is easy to register and the email will redirect you directly to the offer web page. Easy and adapted to your needs, is that what you are looking for?

How to choose correctly and spend wisely?

1. Look at what is written in the margin, in small characters

Always read everything that is written in small characters, because often, there are all the conditions, exceptions and limitations of your purchase. Look at the expiration dates and limitations for the days when the offer is valid. You may be absent during these days and will not be able to take advantage of the offer. Keep in mind that the majority of offers apply to only one visit and often taxes and tips are not included.

2. Buy in large quantities

This point applies only to places you know and places you have already visited and loved. Buying several offers for a space where you have never set foot is a big risk and a serious waste of money. Buying multiple coupons for your favorite hair salon or favorite restaurant is a great way to save money. On the other hand, make sure there are no written constraints in small print that would prevent you from taking full advantage of the purchase.

3. Buy what is needed

If you buy only the things you need in the present and avoid buying things that you can potentially use in the future, you should be fine. Online shopping sites are a great place to buy gifts for your friends or family members, but do not go out and buy discounted grills for anyone you know. Remember, you are trying to save, not to get into debt.

4. Read the reviews

This point goes without saying for any online purchase. Read reviews for any product, especially if the site is unknown to you. By making sure that other customers have also had good experiences with the website and the product purchased, you will be quieter knowing that your money has not been thrown out the window.

Now that you have all the tips you need to navigate these sites, find the offers that suit your needs. On the other hand, do not forget to make judicious purchases without indulging in the overconsumption of the products which you will never use.