Prepares the return to school What benefits does the autonomous communities offer us?

Image result for schoolWe finish the holidays, a time of important expenses, and another arrives, the return to the school. Uniforms, books, school supplies … the return to school bill is more than high and multiplied by all family members of school age. The budget varies, especially for the Autonomous Community, since some include free textbooks, but also the type of center. The return to school in private schools is usually more expensive than in private or public schools. Therefore, the range of expenditure is quite variable but is on average between 300 and 700 euros per child.

For all these reasons, parents are looking for ways to reduce the “bill” of returning to school. The most common is to compare to find the best prices and discounts. In textbooks, it is complicated, since the price and maximum discounts are regulated. In this case, other advantages are usually sought, such as parallel discounts on other products such as uniforms or school supplies. But in addition to looking for the cheapest price, some autonomous communities offer tax deductions. Some focus on books and school materials, others only in the latter and in other cases, the least, include concepts such as schooling or language teaching. The important thing is that the taxpayer knows its existence, but also its limits, since from a level of income the right is usually lost.

What the autonomous communities are currently offering

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These are the deductions offered by the different autonomous communities:

Aragón: The regulation establishes that up to 100% of the amounts destined by the taxpayer can be deducted for the acquisition of textbooks for their descendants who study Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education and the acquisition of “school material” for these same stages. deformation. But this 100%, is really very limited. Thus in individual declaration, the most profitable option if both parents work, if the sum of the general tax base and the tax base of savings is less than 6,500 euros, 50 euros will be received for each taxpayer, between 6,500.01 and 10,000, 00 euros, 37.50 euros and between 10,000.01 and 12,500.00 euros 25 euros. The payment increases up to 75 euros in fixed amount if the family has the legal status of “large family”.

Asturias : It offers the same as Aragón, both in what it covers (books and materials for primary and secondary education), amount and limits. Of course, remember that any deduction must be reduced, for each descendant, in the amount corresponding to scholarships and aid received from the Principality of Asturias or any other Public Administration that covers all or part of the expenses.

Balearic Islands: Covers 100% of the amounts destined to the acquisition of textbooks for each child that studies, from pre-school education to second cycle to baccalaureate and professional training, but not school material. The amount and limits are the same as in Aragon and Asturias for both large families and for those who are not.

Castilla-La Mancha : It also offers up to 100% of the amount spent on the acquisition of textbooks edited for the stages corresponding to basic education but adds another important point, 15% of the amounts paid during the tax period for the teaching of Languages. The limit, which is for the sum of both, is the same as in the previous cases, but also adds a limitation to large families to receive these 75 euros in the individual declaration, that the tax base is less than 30,000 euros.

Extremadura: It only offers an aid of 15 euros for the purchase of school material for each child or descendant in charge of the taxpayer between 6 and 15 years. The limit to obtain this help is that the tax base is less than 19,000 euros in individual taxation and 24,000 in joint

Valencia: It also only helps in the acquisition of school materials but in a much higher amount: 100 euros for each child who attends primary education and compulsory secondary education. The income limit is 25,000 euros in individual returns and 40,000 euros in joint returns.

Madrid: It is the one that extends the deductions more, since it covers 15% of the expenses of schooling, 10% of the expenses of teaching of languages ​​and 5% of the expenses of acquisition of costumes of exclusive school use. It also extends the same to practically all taxpayers, since all taxpayers who do not exceed the amount in euros corresponding to multiplying by 30,000 the number of members of said family unit are entitled to it. The limit is 400 for each child in the case of costs of teaching languages ​​and school clothes and 900 euros for school fees.