Secure shopping on the Internet: 6 practical tips

Even in 2018, there are people who are afraid to buy through online platforms. According to a study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), 8 out of 10 users have decided not to save their personal information (address, email and credit card number) in the digital portals where they have recently made purchases for security reasons.

Saving time: this is more than obvious , have you thought about everything you could do to save yourself the transfer to the mall and the route from store to store to find what you need?

Well, by choosing to do online shopping, you can enjoy more of your time and not get tired visiting each store looking for options; on the Internet it is much faster.

Home service: linked to the above, when making purchases online, whatever you buy will arrive at your home on time and many times this feature is completely free, so you will save the cost of moving to the physical store.

These are just some of the advantages of buying online.

Basically the great benefit is the practicality and comfort that this gives you.

There are risks, yes, as in any purchase that is made, but you must take away the fear of doing it online because of fear of having a cyber attack.

To help you make safe purchases online, we have created this series of tips that will help you to have more confidence in this process, leave behind myths and have a broader information about the real risks that exist on the web and the best recommendations to avoid be a victim of fraud

Verify site authenticity

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First of all, you must be sure that the web portal where you are looking for your product or service is the official one.

Many browsers show the legend “safe” with a padlock on the side of green, the way to check is that it has in the address bar https

When the sites have this characteristics you can leave the distrust behind and continue to see what is offered in there.

When making the payment in the secure site, you will always be guided within this one to request your information such as the address where the product will be delivered and the credit or debit card number.

These stores will never send you emails requesting such data; Everything is done at the time of purchase.

Fill each section correctly

Speaking specifically about personal information and address, make sure they are correct because if not, the order may not arrive and if the contact information has an error, the messenger can not contact you to verify the information .

It never hurts to give two or three checks to your information.

Maybe it will take a few more seconds, but you can be sure that the data you gave to the online store is correct and you will avoid future problems with the delivery and collection of the products you purchased.

Do it from personal devicesRelated image

One of the biggest risks of buying online is that unrecognized charges are made to your cards.

This happens many times for having made the transaction from third-party computers, leaving important information stored in them.

For example, if you already decided to make the purchase, it is not recommended that you do it from an internet cafe or on a computer that is used by unknown persons.

In case you have to do so, make sure that your information regarding cards is deleted after carrying out the transaction.

What we recommend most is to use only personal devices or someone you trust, who will know that you will not use your data for negative purposes.

Verify the detail of the purchase

This is real and you have to be very careful with the charges that are sometimes made in automatic.

On one occasion, I was buying tickets at a famous ticket sales site for concerts and I did not realize that I had subscribed to their monthly magazine with an extra charge.

I noticed it until the day I checked my account statement and did not recognize that charge; Later, when I received your magazine, I corroborated this expense.

This often happens on sites that sell tickets for concerts and airplanes.

So it is very important that you click on “purchase details” before proceeding to make the payment.

In that section, it is broken down everything that will be charged to your card, from taxes, to the total amount.

This way you will be paying only for what you need and you will avoid being charged for services or extra products that you did not request.

Make sure you have money in your cards

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It is usually the case that you enter the information on your card and for some reason the payment does not pass.

This has to do, in most cases, with the bank’s system, since they tend to have faults that prevent their cardholders from using their money in online purchases.

However, the real problem may be that you do not have the necessary amount on your card.

It seems obvious but many times we do not do well the accounts of what we have available and maybe we will leave some automatic charge that has left the account with little money.

This, although you may not believe it, can lead to other types of problems that are more cumbersome than really harmful.

Your card may still pass without having money available.

The complicated thing comes when your account reaches an income and the charge for your purchase is made later, when you had already thought it was done.

Buying online is an advantage that we currently have as consumers immersed in a digital world.

The benefits of doing it this way are enough and many times we do not dare for fear that our personal information is violated.

However, following these basic safety recommendations we can be smarter consumers and better manage our expenses.

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